Ancient Athens

Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Ancient Greece, Classical Athens Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: January 31, 2013
- moved closer to democracy in response to growing economic discontent by farmers. - Athenians studied arithmetic , literature, music, and physical education - Athenians were allowed to develop their own individual talents - Athens became a limited democracy

- the Athenians were the first ones credited with establishing government with democratic elements. - Athenian democracy was limited in comparison with today's standards. Only men could participate: women were seen as inferior beings who needed moral guidance - slaves could not participate in the government: no political rights or personal freedoms were granted to them - citizenship was severely restricted

- economy was agriculturally based :
+80% of grain
+Trade was highly important
Family Life:
- Athenians placed more emphasis on family life than Spartans - poorer Athenian families lived and worked together and spend more time as a family unit than wealthier Athenian families - Athenian boys went to school from ages 6-14 for additional schooling - at age 18 they attended military school until 20

war and decline
- the pelopanesian war ended Athenian greatness , caused the decline of Athens economy and damaged their democratic government - even though Athens lost the pelopanesian war the city remained a culture Nd intellectual center Persian Wars

- 490 B.C.-479 B.C.
Pelopanesian War
- 431 B.C. - 404
- Greek colonies developed as trading centers for fish , fur, metals, honey, gold, amber, slaves. -Cause : Persia overtook lonia, a region where Greeks lived. The loinian Greeks revolted, Athens sent them aid. King Darius of Persia puts down rebellion but vows revenge on Greece. - Battle of marathon :

Greeks outnumbered 25000 to 10000. Greek phalanxes superior and win. Sends Pheidippides to run to Athens to tell victory so that Athens will not give up city-state to Persia . Pheidippides runs 26 miles to deliver message, dies at end. - Battle of Thermopylae :

King xerxes wants to...
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