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Topics: Achaemenid Empire, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire Pages: 5 (1236 words) Published: December 27, 2013
1.Politically, how did the Guptas rule?
Smaller & depended on local governance (indivs., villages, etc.) 2.For much of history, the Indian political landscape was characterized by? Small kingdoms
3.Who unified the Gupta Empire?
Ruler Chandra Gupta
4.The high point of Mauryan success came during the reign of? Their Grandson
5.Like the Romans and the Hans, the collapse of the Gupta state was partially caused by an invasion of the ? Invaded by the White Huns
6.How did the Mauryans rise to power? Who was the first ruler to unify India and create the Mauryan Empire? Chandragupta Maurya was the first state to bring a centralized & unified gov’t to India. 7.One of the most pronounced examples of the nature of patriarchy in ancient India was? Caste System

a.Rules forbade marrying outside one’s caste or eating with members of another caste. Could get polluted by lower castes. b.Although separate, different castes depended on each other for basic needs. c.Indivs. who did not abide by group rules were liable to expulsion from the community. By the Gupta era child marriage was common, girls were 8 or 9, men were in 20s. – encouraged them to devote their lives to their family. 8.What were some of Ashoka's accomplishments?

Communicated his policies throughout his realms by inscribing edicts in natural stone formations or on pillars that he erected 9.Han Wudi is recognized as the strongest Han emperor. What would be his most important contribution to the administrations of later dynasties? Han Wudi (141–87bce) – greatest & most energetic emperor took China to new heights. Had a devoted army

10.The Han Dynasty began its decline when it could not solve the problem of …? Led to decline b/c could not solve the problem of land distribution 11.Despite their material success and increased wealth, where did merchants in China rank? Merchants in China ranked below peasants & had little societal influence. 12.Where was The Persian Empire located? What is another name for the Persian empire? Classical Persia took shape in Iran. The first Persian Empire was also known as the Achaemenid Empire. It was located across Anatolia and Egypt to western Asia. 13.What was the center of the Persian communications network? Royal Roads

14.What were the qanats?
Qanats (underground canals)

15.In organizing their empire, Persian rulers relied heavily on techniques of administration from the? In organizing their empire, Persian rulers relied heavily on techniques of administration from the Mesopotamians. 16.What was the unintended result of the standardization of coinage? Fostered trade throughout the empire

31. The Seleucids, Parthians, and Sasanids were different ethnic groups but they all shared on attribute that allowed them to continue strong imperial rule. What was it?
were different ethnic groups, but all employed basic Achaemenid structure for imperial administration. 38. What was the most significant long-term result of the Persian Wars? Most significant long-term result was the splintering of Greek unity & the Persian defeat which set the stage for the rise of Macedon. 39. What was an example of a public profession that was open to women in classical Greece?only public position open to Greek women was that of priestess of a religious cult 41. What was the major impact of Alexander the Great's conquests? Spread of Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean; Hellenistic civilization blended Greek, Persian, Egyptian & Indian influences 42. Greco-Roman philosophers attempted to understand human nature through? Thinkers used reason, observation & deduction, instead of beliefs, to discover laws that governed the universe, were called philosophers 43.What were Latifundias?

Latifundia (enormous plantations) worked by slaves.
44. Why was the period known as the pax romana important?
Brought trade & prosperity; a long era of peace
45. The phrase pater familias refers to ?
Patriarchal society/ family (pater familias),...
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