CH 12 Concepts

Topics: Gerontology, Ageing, Death Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: October 27, 2013

Public health and aging224
Demographics of an aging society224
Theories of aging225
Preventive gerontology225
Health disparities in aging populations226
Multiple jeopardy226
Ethnicity as compensation226
Impact of dementia230
Organizing for an aging society233
Compression of morbidity236
Quality of life236

Key concepts – DefinitionsPage
Public health and aging: Public health can vastly improve the late life experience to the benefit of all generations by responding to rising numbers of elders in two ways: 1) address the health needs of elders living today, and 2) prepare the younger generations for a healthier late life. 224

Demographics of an aging society: The total number of Americans over age 65 is 35 million at present and is on the rise. This number will more than double to over 70 million in only forty years, and the age group 85 and older will triple in the same time period. Huge differences between racial and ethnic groups exist with minority groups having shorter life spans at birth. A demographic cross over effect also exists in which minority older adults who have survived to age 85 are as or more likely to live into their 9th decade as their white counterparts. Demographics within racial and ethnic groups as a whole are also changing, and minorities are starting to make up greater percentages of the older adult population as the world ages. 224

Theories of aging: There are multiple theories regarding the aging process including intrinsic, biologic clock, programmed theories in which the maturation of the human being is programmed regarding developmental milestones including the aging process, and wear and tear, stochastic, extrinsic theories that address accumulated damage to organ systems until some failure point is reached. 225

Preventive gerontology: From this perspective, aging is viewed as a life long event, not one that...
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