Course Note on Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Management Pages: 5 (1810 words) Published: September 23, 2014
2012/2013 Rain Semester
Course Code: PSY 410
Course Title: Organizational Psychology

Course Outline
1.Definition of Organizational Psychology
- Scientific Management- Frederick Winslow Taylor
- Human Relations Movement - Elton Mayo
- Definition of Organizational Behaviour
- Elements of Organizational Behaviour
- Need for Studying Behaviour
2.Communication in the workplace
- Definition of Communication
- Communication Process
- Flow of Communication
- Barriers to effective communication
- Methods of overcoming barriers to effective communication 3.Leadership
- Meaning of Leadership
- Theories of Leadership
- Types of Leadership
- Meaning of Motivation
- Need theories of Motivation
- Behaviour-based theories of Motivation
- Job design theories of Motivation
- Rational theories of Motivation
5.Power and Politics in Organization
- Influence: The Use of Social Control
- Meaning and Sources of Power
- How people use power
- Organizational Politics
6.Organizational Structure and Culture
- Organizational Structure
- Dimensions of Organizational Structure
- Organizational Culture

According to Gary Johns, "Organisations are social inventions for accomplishing goals through group efforts". This definition covers wide variety-of groups such as businesses, schools, hospitals, fraternal groups, religious bodies, government agencies and so on. There are three significant aspects in the above definition, which require further analysis. They are as follows: Social Inventions: The word "social" as a derivative of society basically means gathering of people. It is the people that primarily make up an organisation. Accomplishing Goals: All organisations have reasons for their existence. These reasons are the goals towards which all organisational efforts are directed. While the primary goal .of any commercial organisation is to make money for its owners, this goal is inter-related with many other goals. Accordingly, any organisational goal must integrate in itself the personal goals of all individuals associated with the organisation. Group Effort: People, both as members of the society at large and as a part of an organisation interact with each other and are inter-dependent. Individuals in themselves have physical and intellectual limitations and these limitations can only be overcome by group efforts.

Organisational behaviour is concerned with people's thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions in setting up a work. Understanding an individual behaviour is in itself a challenge, but understanding group behaviour in an organisational environment is a monumental managerial task.

As Nadler and Tushman put it, "Understanding one individual's behaviour is challenging in and of itself; understanding a group that is made up of different individuals and comprehending the many relationships among those individuals is even more complex. Ultimately, the organisation's work gets done through people, individually or collectively, on their, own or in collaboration with technology. Therefore, the management of organisational behaviour is central to the management task—a task that involves the capacity to "understand" the behaviour patterns of individuals, groups and organisations, to ''predict'" what behavioural responses will be elicited by various managerial actions and finally to use this understanding and these predictions to achieve "control".

Organisational behaviour can then be defined as: "The study of human behaviour in organisational settings, the interface between human behaviour and the organisational context, and the organisation itself."

The above definition has three parts—the individual behaviour, the organisation and the (interface between the two. Each individual brings to an organisation a unique set of beliefs, values, attitudes and other personal characteristics...
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