Course Outline of Hrm

Topics: Organizational culture, Organizational studies, Decision making Pages: 7 (1084 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Course Outline

Organizational behavior

Preeti Dixit, Assistant Professor

PGDM 2012-14 Batch


Faculty: Prof. Preeti Dixit
Faculty Contact Details:, 9910049421 Class Timing & Venue: as per the Time-table


Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how and why people behave in a particular manner under some specific conditions. This course has a correlation with behavioral sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology .These inter-disciplinary approach helps managers in solving organizational and human problems.

The increasingly competitive and demanding business environment has created new challenges for the organizations to hire, motivate, and retain finest employees. Organizational Behavior is a growing field and has become more important in the global economy as employees with diverse backgrounds and cultural values work together successfully and resourcefully. This course has continues to balance theory and application well and has provided coverage to individual, group and organizational aspects. After this course students would be able to understand the following concepts and principles of this subject: 1. Issues and challenges faced by organizations in the areas of traditional culture and modern management. 2. Role of personality and leadership styles, emotional Intelligence, and the roles and function of the individual, team and the organization. 3. Establishing and assessing developmental, personal/life related, and work related goals 4. Conveying information, ideas, and emotions so they are received as intended. 5. Facilitating leadership in addressing diversity based conflicts. 6. Motivating employees with different values and attitudes. 7. Utilizing a global mindset in making decisions and taking actions. 8. Learning, sharing, and applying new knowledge in the pursuit of constant improvement and change.

Prof, Preeti Dixit MCOM, PGDM, Pursuing PhD will be the course faculty. Faculty email address can be used to contact the faculty off the class, sending assignments, etc. Faculty will also send relevant course material, class handouts and cases via Institute’s email system.

The present course will involve classroom discussions, in class assignments, cases, and group projects along with certain integrative exercises to help college students in developing workplace skills through simulation. Interviewing, listening, providing feedback, setting goals, empowering, coaching, managing change, handling conflict, and making decisions are clustered and modeled at intervals that synthesize course learning. The course faculty will use power point ® for in-class demonstrations.

The students are expected to come prepared to discuss the issues at hand. Primary focus would be to discuss selected cases so as to expose students to the real-life situations in challenging areas related to Human Behavior.

The primary course material will comprise of three necessary components – a textbook, a set of reading material in pdf, and relevant case studies. All the components will be distributed via email. However, it is strongly recommended that the students should consult one or more books of the recommended readings.

Recommended Readings (only indicative)[1]
1) Nelson quick Khandelwal (2012): “ORGB 2e”, Cengage Publication, New Delhi, 2nd edition 2) Robbins and Seema Sanghi, A (2003): “Organization Behavior”, Pearson Education Publications , 11th edition 3) Kavita Singh (2010): “Organization Behavior Text and Cases”, Pearson Education Publications, New Delhi 4) Udai Pareek and sushama Khanna (2011): “Understanding Organizational...
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