Gerontology Exam I Review

Topics: Gerontology, Aging, Demography Pages: 3 (698 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Gerontology Review for Exam 1
* Define & distinguish it from other concepts (health & life expectancy) * What does health incorporate – how do you determine difference btween health&wellness * Health- presence or absence of disease – but not just absence – incorporated in wellness in making someone healthy * Wellness- psychological and physical state of being healthy * Active life expectancy & disabled life expectancy (dependent) * Not just age they are talking about - how much time do you have left to live actively * Active life – How much time do you have left to live actively * Dependent- amount of time you live with a disability or limitation * Gender & race – primarily life expectancy

* Men are more likely to suffer from acute or fatal conditions (heart attack) * Heart attack/heart disease can be acute or chronic * Women are more likely to have chronic conditions over time (osteoporosis) * Men are more likely to have issues that kill you ! (Stroke, heart attack etc.) * Dependency Ratios (aka support ratios)

* Those productive in society vs. dependent ones
* Has to do with taxes – how many people is the gov’t getting $$ from? * Can the gov’t sustain people who aren’t working (especially those who are elderly or children) * Dependent = people who aren’t in the work force & need to be supported * Old age dependency ratios or children dependency ratios * Memory, Intelligence & attention

* Can do cross sectional – look at the differences – can talk about age differences but can’t say they are due to age * Longitudinal is better – but more $$ and time consuming – more fatalities or people die or move & lose contact (also can look at differences) * Know all the memory & intelligence

* Test that measures certain cognitive ability...
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