Health and social care unit 4

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Life factors mean that there are a variety of factors
that affect a person’s life. Life factors include genetic
factors, biological factors, environmental factors, socioeconomic factors and lifestyle factors. All of these factors contribute to a person’s life. I shall be exploring the life factors through the celebrity of Demi Lovato.

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An example of an environmental factor that has affected demi Lovato is bullying. Bullying is treating someone in a way that has the intention of causing any form of harm, it was in school that Demi Lovato experienced this physical bullying she experienced in school which she left after a lot of verbal and physical abuse. As a result of her being bullied about her weight, she stopped eating at the age of 12 and dropped 30 pounds so a life coach was then called in to help her out. People also wrote “hate petitions” about her and sent them around to be signed. This may affect her physically as; she couldn't sleep at night as she would be worrying about going to school the next day– so we would have sleepless night. This may affect her intellectually as; she could fall behind in her school work as if they were calling her “stupid” or “smartarse” about her intelligence. Also she would lose concentration in her lessons which contributed to her failing academically and dropping grades. This may affect her emotionally as she is not reaching her full potential. Socially Demi Lovato struggled to make friends and maintain relationships due to the abuse she suffered she often isolated herself and didn’t enjoy normal teenage activities.


Demi Lovato went through a stage of taking cocaine, which could be considered a form of self harm, Demi Lovato used to take cocaine- this is a misuse of substances-drugs. Demi Lovato described the drug use as a form of escape from loneliness she felt. This may affect her physically as drugs affects their body. Cocaine affects your vital organs, you have difficulty breathing, can have collapsed lungs, get heart conditions such as angina, weakened heart walls, and also it ruptures the blood vessels in your brain. This may affect her intellectually as taking drugs affect your mental health this can include anxiety, mood swings, depression, sleep problems and psychosis which would have a huge effect on her career. Emotionally the affect the drugs have on her mental health could lead to depression, suicide and even violent outbursts. So her friends and family may feel as though they have to cover for her, which can add an emotional strain and lead to resentment. This may affect her socially as this can have a negative impact on her career as she is meant to be a young child’s/adults role-model and the drug use could change the publics view of her this could have a negative impact on her career as she could get bad publicity from the press.


She became so depressed that she began to cut her wrists and other places where no other people could see. She also used to cut herself to take her mind off of things. Demi didn’t care what happened, she had no fear. She also says that she felt a lot of pressure of having to be “perfect” and being a perfect role which lead to her cutting herself as a form of escape. To cover up the scars of cutting, Demi has tattoos of inspiration words to help her remember to be a strong person one wrist says “Stay” and on the other wrist it says “Strong”. This may affect her intellectually as she wrongly thinks self-harm is the only way to cope with everything bad that happens. The stress of depression and feeling the need to self harm will effect a person emotionally as they will be extremely confused along with feelings of regret and confusion. This may affect her socially as she feel as though she is being withdrawn from society and she becomes anti-social. Also she could be feeling a lot of pressure from her fans, family etc. so a way for...
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