HIST 1270 Greek History Final Exam Review Sheet

Topics: Alexander the Great, Ancient Greece, Philip II of Macedon Pages: 11 (2002 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Final Exam Review
• Greek art
• Tyrants are usually the ones that commissioned art.
• Greek Drama
• Battle of Salamis - major battle when the tide turns and is a major blow to the Persian army. Miltiades the father of Kimon won the battle, they were from the island of Ajax,
• Rebuilding Athens
• both Miltiades and Kimon were ostracized
• Kimon died at Cyrpress
Egyptian campaign

• Kimon campaign preceded Alexander's campaign by over a century • Battle of the Eurmedon river
• Death blow to rebuilding their ship (persians?)
• Helot Revolt in 464BCE
• Siege of Mount Ithome - the hellots resisted for 10 years Third Messenian War (464-455)

• Democratic Athens does not always support democratic regimes • Pharsalus -Thessaly
• Famous for their cavalry
• Pericles' Funeral oration
• why should we resist the Spartans, why should you trust me Final Years of Peloponnesian War: Persians help finance the Spartans, pitting the •
Greeks against eachother
• Levi
• Tragedy comes from religion and ritual
• Peisistratus organizes the Great Dionysia in the Spring
• The Greek Chorus
• Plays usually had 2 or 3 actors and a chorus os 12-15 members • Greeks were from epic greek mythology, sometimes tops from modern politics • DO NOT STUDY AESCHELUS?
• The Peloponesian War
• Corinth and Spartan ally instigate war
• Sparta did not want war initially
• Persians attempted to creat their own empire in the Aegan and monopolize the trade routes
• Athenian Response from Pericles
Mytilene Revolt (Lesbos)

• Attempt at democracy but did not happen

• Battle of Amphipolis 422BCE
• Siege of Dorian Melos by Ionian Athenians
• Final victory of Sparta at Aegospotami
• Thebes
• Epaminondas
• A general and a good man which is unusual as general are usually ruthless • Mythology
• Thebes was the capital of the Mythological world
Oedipus, Pentheus among others

• Theban war saga
• "The Genuine Theban"
• Xenophon
• Greek mercenary/author, defeated in his attempt to claim the Persian throne and had to retreat
• Agesilanos II - Spartan King
• Preceptors of Epaminondas and Alexander were philosophers and polymathematicians • Thebes if occupied by Sparta in 382BCE
• 371BCE Peace Conference
• Leuctra - Sparta loses is military supremacy forever
• Theban Hegemony (371-362)
• Trial
• In order to accomplish all that he wished in the Peloponnesus, Epaminondas had been put on trial but was pardoned by Athens
• Second battle of Mantinea
• Size of battle inscreases
• Epaminondas --> the man
• Poem on Epaminondas' tomb
• What is the meaning of "Greek society and culture"?
It is mostly Athenian

• Greek Comedy
• Aristophanes
• Menander
• Phratries or "Brotherhoods"
• Other Associations or Fraterneties
• Religious and/or mystical associations for example Eleusinian Mysteries, the Orphics and the Pythagoreans.
• Philosophical schools

• The Space of Freedom - Guy Smoot's favorite quote
• If you were from Athens or Thebes there was a good chance you would have an eclectic view of the world
• Democratic reforms require Athens ancestry for citizenship • Real Estate and Inbreeding
• Common for Greeks to marry their relatives, this lead to genetic problems The Subjection of women

• Ionian woman were treated poorly
• Sparta, Dorians and other northern greeks/sea people treated people well. Aristotle on women and slaves

• Female character in Sophocles Tereus fragment 583
• Athenian speaker to an Athenian judeg
• Metic (Metoikoi)
• The non citizens of Athens, made up one third of the population and were quite Athenian in their support and decisions
• Example of Metics
• Slavery in Athens
• If you removed slave population from Ancient Greece it would destroy the fabric of society
• There was approximately one slave per person in Athens
• "The Athenian Dream"
• Slave could be Greek or...
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