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His 101 Midterm study guide – answers for this and the midterm will come from chapter reading/study guides.

1) What is the species name of modern humans?

2) The triangular indentations used for the script of Sumerians are called A)
B) 3) Which metal was used for tools as early as 7500 b.c.e.? C)
D) 4) What common characteristic was shared by primal civilizations in Egypt, Sumer, China, and India? E)
F) 5) Historians estimate that the existence of Homo sapiens sapiens goes back how many years? G)
H) 6) What material began to be used as the Neolithic gave way to the dawn of civilization? A)
B) 7) The first true city to arise in Mesopotamia, in the fourth millennium B.C.E., was A)
B) 8) Which of the following developments marked man’s evolution from prehistory to history? C)
D) 9) Sumerian cuneiform was used for writing long after Sumer disappeared because E)
F) 10) What factor helps to explain Egypt becoming politically unified earlier than Mesopotamia? G)
H) 11) Which of the following technologies was NOT used by the earliest Western civilizations? I)
J) 12) The Babylonian Empire was largely the work of its sixth king, K)
L) 13) Which of the following issues does NOT seem to have been covered by Hammurabi’s code? M)
N) 14) Sargon II was significant as the
P) 15) In what field did the Assyrians make the greatest contribution? Q)
R) 16) After the eleventh century B.C.E., what metal came into general use in the Middle East for weapons and tools? S)
T) 17) Which phrase best describes the Hebrew concept of divine power? U)
V) 18) Who was Israel’s first king?
X) 19) Why was Hammurabi’s code significant?
Y) A) It established a common system of justice throughout the Babylonian empire. Z)
AA) 20) What was the most important long-term effect of the migrations of 1630–1550 b.c.e.? AB)
AC) 21) What impact did widespread use of iron have on the rise and fall of Near Eastern empires? AD)
AE) 22) As an historical account, scholars consider the Bible to be AF)
AG) 23) How did the ancient empires of the Middle East civilize people? AH)
AI) 24) The first true Greek civilization is known as
AK) 25) Troy was a particularly strategic city because it was

AL) 26) Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
AN) 27) What is a hoplite?
B) 28) The Spartans are best known for their
B) 29) The Battle of Marathon took place during the
B) 30) The Greek term for a city-state is
D) 31) During the Hellenic period, Greek women
F) 32) Unlike the Minoans, the Mycenaeans appear to have been G)
H) 33) The battle of Marathon was significant because
J) 34) Sparta was unusual in being the only major Greek polis K)
L) 35) The Minoans had a trading advantage over the Egyptians because they were skilled in A)
B) 36) In contrast with Homer, Hesiod considered the aristoi of his society to be C)
D) 37) What type of entity was the polis?
F) 38) In an oligarchy, government in is in the hands of
B) 39) The term “draconian” is derived from the harsh methods of Draco. Paradoxically, Draco’s intent was to C)
D) 40) Odysseus’ visit to Achilles in the underworld shows the importance the Greeks placed on E)
F) 41) In what way were classical Athens and Sparta most alike? G)
H) 42) Among the Greeks, the Spartans had the best army, and the Athenians had I)
J) 43) Peloponnesian War was
L) 44) Corinth’s influence was due to its control of
N) 45) What is a demagogue?
P) 46) The Odyssey is an example of what form of literature? Q)
R) 47) Who is considered to be the greatest lyric poet of the archaic period? S)
T) 48) What did Aristotle do after leaving Plato’s school? U)
V) 49) Sparta and Athens overcame their differences and agreed to cooperate to W)
X) 50) Aspasia was unusual among Greek women because she
Z) 51) The Peloponnesian War began with a conflict between
AB) 52) Athens’ greatest strength and greatest...
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