History Quiz - Western Civilization to Middle Ages

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History of Western Civilization to Middle Ages
Lesson 5 Quiz

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What type of columns does the Parthenon have?

| Alsacian|
| Ionic|
| Corinthian|
| Doric|
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In 490 B.C.E. the Athenians defeated the Persians at the Battle of

| Plataea.|
| Miltiades.|
| Marathon.|
| Miletus.|
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Which of the following was NOT true of the 490 B.C.E. Athenian victory over the Persians?

| It convinced the Greeks of their cultural superiority over barbarians.| | It ended Persian hopes of successfully invading Greece.| | It established the superiority of the hoplite and phalanx.| | It promoted the democratic reforms of Cleisthenes.|

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Members of Darius I's elite guard were known as the "immortals" because their numbers always remained at 10,000

| True|
| False|
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After Darius I died, his son _____ took over.

| Leonidas|
| Darius II|
| Themistocles|
| Xerxes|
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He was the Spartan king responsible for defending the pass at Thermopylae during the second Persian invasion.

| Miliades|
| Xerxes|
| Leonidas|
| Themistocles|
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Which of the following BEST describes the military history of the Persian Wars?

| Greek unity was crucial in the military success over Persia.| | Sparta was solely responsible for the Greek victory.|
| Spartan land forces and Athenian sea forces were superior to the much larger Persian armies and navies.| | Darius' army was defeated by a plague, not by the Greeks.| Question
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When the Athenian and Attica population reached its height at 350,000, less than 60,000 were citizens

| True|
| False|
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Approximately what proportion of the population of Athens and surrounding Attica were slaves?

| One-third|
| One-fourth|
| One-half|
| Three-fifths|
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He was the great historian of the Persian Wars.

| Sophocles|
| Thucydides|
| Herodotus|
| Aeschylus|
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Which of the following MOST accurately describes the role of women in fifth century B.C.E. Athens?

| They had full equality with Athenian males.|
| They led public lives and controlled the household economy.| | They were dominated in the household yet played active roles in politics.| | They were excluded from public life and had limited power in the home.| Question

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In fifth century Athens, most of the leaders came from the

| ranks of the ostracized.|
| aristocracy.|
| rural population of farmers.|
| ranks of the metics.|
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Because Athenian political offices changed frequently and were filled by lot, leadership was often provided by

| ekklesia.|
| boule.|
| consorteria.|
| demagogues.|
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Athenian democracy reached its peak under the leadership of

| Herodotus.|
| Pericles.|
| Solon.|
| Draco.|
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Pericles did all of the following to achieve political influence EXCEPT

| speak effectively in public.|
| rely on the support of the aristocracy who tended to dominate political office.| | serve as general for the Athenian ekklesia.|
| sponsor public works projects that employed the poor.|
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Initially, Athens defeated Sparta but lost a fleet in this region, leading to open rebellion by Megara and Sparta.

| Italy|
| Persia|
| Crete|
| Egypt|
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Pericles redirected foreign policy from

| anti-Persian to anti-Spartan.|
| aggressive imperialism to neutrality.|
| neutrality to aggressive anti-imperialism.|
| pro-Persian...
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