how to write a research proposal

Topics: Senescence, Gerontology, Aging Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: November 22, 2013
How to write a research proposal
What is a research proposal?
Give an impression with the most important things
Applying for funding
Clear and concise
Supported by evidence
Needs to be well thought out
Realistic and impactful
How to pick a topic?
Lecture slides
Review articles- Nature reviews are the best
As recent as possible
Topics- CR, oxidative stress, mutation accumulation, autophagy, FOXO, sirtuins, mTOR, apoptosis, mitochondrial hormesis, antiaging pills How to design experiments?
What model?
What hypothesis?
Its probably been done before so look for this
How do I write proposal
Background, objectives- how you will examine hypothesis, proposed research- describe in detail the experiments you will use, expected findings and sig research- is there anything that could go wrong, why should we care?, figures and references

Dos and Don’ts
Frame your proposal before starting to write
Draw a figure to outline your research question or pathway- write out questions along the way, then answer them by writing out the body Get people to read your proposal
Keep it simple
In vitro-artifical vs in vivo- living animals
Assume we will understand something
Go against the formatting guidelines
What is FOXO?
Why does it influence the aging process?
What are the targets of FOXO?
What sequences do FOXO bind to?
What influences the availability of AREs?
When how why is FOXO activated?
In which tissues are FOXO most active?
Can we influence longevity through FOXO?
“nature” (journal) and aging- Pubmed
cell, science, mol cell bio
Regional and Temporal Exploration of FOXO mediated transcriptomics and longevity- Title
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