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Topics: Egyptian hieroglyphs, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: October 5, 2013

Unit 2

Tyranny- cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others Areopagus- the supreme tribunal of Athens
Marathon- a contest in which people compete with each other to see who can do something for the longest amount of time Sappho- Greek poet
Thermopylae- locality E Greece between Mt. Oeta & Gulf of Maliakós; once a narrow pass along the coast Delian League- was an association of Greek city-states
Helots- a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta
Oligarchy- he people that control a country, business, etc
Herodotus- Greek historian
Xerxes- the Great king of Persia
Ostracism- a method of temporary banishment by popular vote without trial or special accusation practiced in ancient Greece

Alcibiades- Athenian gen. & polit
Socratic Method- the use of questions, as employed by Socrates Thucydides- Greek historian

Ictinus- Greek architect, a designer of the Parthenon
Praxiteles- Greek sculptor
Fluting- something having ornamental grooves, as a Greek column Corinthian Order-
Myron- a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “pleasant Façade- the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one Cella- the principal enclosed chamber of a classical temple
Phidias- Greek sculptor
Colonnade- a series of regularly spaced columns supporting an entablature and usually one side of a roof Caryatid- a sculptured female figure used as a column
Polyclitus- Greek sculptor
Portico- a structure consisting of a roof supported by columns or piers, usually attached to a building as a porch Triglyphs- a structural member of a Doric frieze, separating two consecutive metopes, and consisting typically of a rectangular block with two vertical grooves or glyphs, and two chamfers or half grooves at the sides, together counting as a third glyph, and leaving three flat vertical bands on the face of the block

Red Figure Pottery- is one of the most important styles of figural Greek vase painting Muses- to...
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