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Course : Organizational Behavior-II
Faculty: Dr. M Sengupta & Dr. N Sengupta
Batch: 2011-13
Term: III
Credits : 3

 Objectives: To familiarize the students about the basic concepts, theories and dynamics that operate in an organizational setting with regard to the behavior of people within it. In this course the focus would be on covering the organizational aspects namely, leadership, group and tema dyanmica and other organization related issues.

Pedagogy: A variety of pedagogical tolls would be used to help students learn and experience the nuances of course. These would include, lecture sessions, experiential learning, application based case work, and project work.

Course evaluation scheme (please choose minimum four components and no component to have more than 30% weight)

Course evaluation scheme

% marks
Part I
Case study analysis
Part –I to be taught by Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
Assignment and presentations
& Part-II to be taught by Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta
Mid term

Part II
Case study analysis

Project work and presentations

End term


Session Plan
Session No.





9- 10







Organization Culture
What is organizational culture?
What do cultures do
Creating and sustaining culture
How employees learn culture
Creating a customer responsive culture

Decision –making in organizations
Link between perception and individual decision-making
How should decisions be made
Decisions in organizations
Ethics in decision-making

Conflict and negotiation
Definition of conflict
Functional versus dysfunctional conflict
The conflict process

Group dynamics and work teams
Defining groups
Stages of group development
Group structure
Group processes and tasks
Group decision-making
Teams versus groups
Types of teams
Creating effective teams

Assignment and presentations

Leadership in organizations
Theories of leadership
Contemporary issues in leadership

Power & politics
Definition of power
Bases of power
Dependency: key to power
Power tactics
Power in groups
Politics; power in action

Managing organizational change & Organization development techniques Forces of change
Managing planned change
Resistance to change
Approaches to managing organizational change
OD techniques

Project work and presentations

Behaviour in Organizations by Jerald Greenberg and Robert A Baron, PHI 9th edition New Delhi.( Text book already supplied in the term –II). Additional Reading material in electronic format will be provided

List of References :
These are to be used for additional readings and project work. ( These are all available in SDM Library) 1. Principles of organizational behaviour / Robin Fincham, Peter Rhodes. 2. Organizational behaviour / A.R. Rajagopalan

3. Organizational behaviour : concepts, realities, applications and challenges / P.G. Aquinas 4. Understanding organizational behaviour / Pareek, Udai Narian 5. Management and organisational behaviour / Laurie J. Mullins. 6. Management and organisational behaviour / P. Subba Rao

7. Organisational behaviour : text and cases / Uma Shekaran 8. Organisational behaviour / Mirza S. Saiyadain
9. Organisational behaviour / Margie Parikh
10. Handbook of principles of organizational behavior / Edwin A. Locke 11. International dimensions of organizational behavior / Nancy J. Adler. 12. International organizational behavior: text, cases, and skills / Anne Marie Francesco, Barry Allen Gold. 13. International perspectives on organizational behavior and human resource management / Betty Jane Punnett. 14. Introduction to organizational behavior / ICFAI Center for Management Research 15. Introduction to organizational...
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