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Topics: Organizational structure, Organizational studies, Management Pages: 10 (1985 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Topic 3: The Organisational Environment
MGMT 1001, s2 2013
School of Management

Australian School of Business The Peter Farrell Cup

Do you have a business idea that you’d like to bring to life? Make it happen - Enter into the Peter Farrell Cup and win $5000. Information night – 21st August 2013 ASB lounge 6pm – 7.30 pm Find out more, www.cie.unsw.edu.au

Events (LHS of page), then follow the “Competition Series” link

Key Dates Information Night - 6 pm, Wednesday 21 August Registration Closes – 5pm, Friday 30 August 1-page Synopsis due - 5 pm, Friday 6 September Business Plans due - 5 pm, Friday 1 November Finalists Announced - Friday 14th November Finalists will be pitching their idea to the judges and a live audience on Wednesday 30 October Business Planning Seminar - Wednesday, 18 September Professional Mentoring Provided to All Teams Prizes 1st Prize - $5,000 2nd Prize - $3,000 3rd Prize - $1,000 Honorary mention – 2 prizes of $500 each Details •Open to UNSW undergraduate students across all faculties •The competition is for student-created, managed, and owned ventures •The maximum number of students on a competition team is five (5) although there is no restriction on the total size of the venture’s founding team.

Now in its 12th year, the Peter Farrell Cup Competition provides students with the opportunity to bring their innovative business idea to life by pitching to a live panel of experts from the Sydney innovation and entrepreneur community.

More news and events at: www.cie.unsw.edu.au

Reflective Questions to guide this lecture
Part 1:The Organisational Environment 1. 2. 3. 4. What are the key components (General and Specific) of an organisation’s external environment? How an organisation’s external environment affects a company’s business and its decisions? What is a company’s internal environment? How a company’s internal environment can help (or hurt) a company’s performance?

Part 2: MGMT 1001 Assignment 1 1. 2. 3. What are the learning outcomes of Assignment 1? What skills can I gain? How can I do well for this first assignment? Where can I get help for Assignment 1?

The Organisation Environment
… is the set of forces and conditions which affect the way the organisation operates Forces and conditions can be OUTSIDE the organisation (the external environment) or ‘inside’ the organisation (the organisational culture) Pause and Reflect: Q1: Why are some companies successful? Why some failed?

Q2: Does past success guarantee future success?

Analysing the “General” external environment using PESTLE analysis

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

P olitical E conomic S ocial/ demographic T echnological L egal E nvironmental

“Task/ Specific” External Environment
1. Suppliers - Individuals and companies that
provide the input resources needed to produce goods or services

2. Distribution - Organisations that help other
organisations sell their good or service. These may be transport services, marketing and advertising, retailers

3. Customers - The type of good or service you
produce will impact on the type of relationship you have with your customers

4. Competitors - Produce similar goods/ services to
your organisation. What your competitors do, advances they make will have a direct effect on your company?

Environmental uncertainty
Environmental dynamism • Small number of external elements and elements are similar • Elements remain the same or change slowly • Large number of external elements and elements are dissimilar • Elements remain the same or change slowly Stable Unstable

• Small number of external • Large number of external elements and elements are elements and elements are similar dissimilar • Elements change frequently • Elements change frequently and unpredictably and unpredictably Simple Complex

Environmental complexity

What is culture?
Patterns of development reflected in systems of knowledge, ideologies, values, laws and day-to-day rituals The...
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