Managing for the Future Organizational Behavior & Processes

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Ancona. Kochan • Scully • Van Maanen • Westney
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MANAGING fOR THE fUTURE Organizational Behavior & Processes
We recognize that there are some areas of discussion in the organizational behavior course that are considered with more importance to individual instructors. South-Western has created a program to allow you to select specific content modules for those areas to give your students more practice and exposure to these topics. For just $7.00 per module, you can select the modules you want and we will provide an ISBN to you that will be unique to your custom Ancona text. Each custom order includes, at no additional cost, a short introduction to Managing for the Future, which lays out the text's basic analytical frameworks and varied goals for the course. ATTN: Custom Database Order Coordinator

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Module 5 Team Processes $7.00
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Module 7 Workforce Management: Employment Relationships in Changing Organizations $7.00 Module 8 Managing Change in Organizations $7.00
Module 9 Organizational Action in Complex Environments $7.00 Module 10 Learning across Borders: Disneyland on the Move $7.00 Module 11 Managing Cultural Diversity $7.00
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Maureen Scully
Graduate School of Management
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John Van Maanen
Sloan School ofManagement
Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology
D. Eleanor Westney
Sloan School ofManagement
Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology
Dedicated to those who have inspired us to try to be better students and teachers. Special thanks to: Professor Jack Barbash • Professor Arthur H. Gladstein • Professor Marius B. Jansen • Professor Joanne Martin • Professor Edgar H. Schein

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