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Topics: Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy, Multiple choice Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Yuba CollegeHumanities 10Spring 2013

Preparation for First Midterm:
This exam will consist of five parts: matching, multiple choice, short essays, Reading IDs and Art IDs.

This section will consist of a list of people, places, etc., on the left, and possible identifications on the right. You will be asked to match the list on the left with items from the list on the right. Here is a sample of the format:

1. _____ Periclesa. Legendary Mesopotamian ruler
2. _____ Gilgameshb. Father of History
3. _____ Oedipus the Kingc. Ruler of Athens in its Golden Age d. Statue by Praxiteles
e. Play by Sophocles

Multiple Choice
These questions, as on our quizzes, will be on factual information taken from your reading and from the lectures. You should thus use your lecture outlines to help you boil down the material in the texts. Rely especially on the text to fill out your knowledge of points mentioned on your lecture outlines. Below you will find some examples of multiple choice questions:

1. _____ This term identifies a sculptural technique in which figures are carved out of a block of stone, part of which is left to form a background.
a. capitalb. reliefc. fluted. volute
2. _____ Which Greek vase painting style includes the meaner or maze pattern?
a. archaicb. undulatingc. classicald. geometric

Identifications (brief essays) will be taken from the list offered below. You will be asked to write on two topics from this list of nine, and you get to pick which two. You should be prepared to write several paragraphs, including all important information: names, dates, places, major trends, etc. The more information you can give, the more likely you are to get full credit.

Greek Dramatists| The Minoans|
| |
Hellenistic Art| Mesopotamia|
Ancient Egypt| The Mycenaeans|
The Beginnings of Civilization| Greek Philosophy |
Archaic Greece | Athenian Democracy|
| |...
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