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Topics: Motivation, Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 0 (2095 words) Published: September 8, 2014
Mid-Term Study Guide

Chapter One
1. The field of Organizational Behavior (OB) is performance-oriented. 2. Mary Follett was opposed to Taylor's lack of specific attention to human needs and relationships in the workplace. 3. Individual performance is the foundation of organization performance. 4. African-Americans are one of the fastest-growing groups in the U.S. employee workforce, as are Asians and Hispanics. 5. A new industrial era began in the United States around the time of the Civil War.  6. A major goal of Zappos is to treat its employees and customers with integrity, honesty, and commitment.  7. The formal and modern study of management started around 1900.  8. In 1886, an engineer named Frederick W. Taylor presented a paper on scientific management at a national meeting of engineers that was titled "The Engineer as an Economist."   9. Taylor's major thesis was that maximum good for society can come only through the cooperation of management and labor in the application of scientific methods.   10. Managers must deal simultaneously with the internal and external aspects of organizational behavior.  11. J. M. Juran and W. Edwards Deming, in the 1950's, introduced the importance of quality to the public.  12. Managers derive power from both organizational and individual sources. 13. A psychological contract is unwritten agreement between an employee and the organization that specifies what each expects to give to and receive from the other.   14. One of the most powerful influences on individual performance is an organization’s reward system.   15. Power is the ability to get someone to do something you want done, or to make things happen the way you want them to happen.  16. Measures of satisfaction include employee attitudes, turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, and grievances. 17. Common physical symptoms that are related to stress include: insomnia, excessive perspiration, nervousness, or irritability. Other answers may also be correct, such as...
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