Organisational behaviour

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Bachelor of Business
(Incorporating Graduate Diploma in Business and Graduate Certificate in Business)

Organisational Behaviour


Summer School 2013-14


Welcome to Organisational Behaviour
Teaching Team and Contact Details

Paper Information
3.1Prerequisite requirements
3.2Paper Aim
3.3Learning Outcomes

AUTonline Programme Organisation
Daily Programme
Assessment Information
7.1Business Assessment & Study Handbook
7.2Assessment Structure
7.3Exam timetable
7.4Pass Requirements and Special Consideration Applications 7.5Assessment 1 – In class tests
7.6Assessment 2 – Group Project
7.7Assessment 3 – Exam


1Welcome to Organisational Behaviour

You are expected to read the contents of this study guide, also available on AUTonline.

This paper runs for 12 weeks, and has two sessions per week:

1-1.5 hour lecture which will aim to cover “research highlights” of the topics and main theoretical perspectives (with examples and explanations if time permits). A great deal of examinable content of the OB course will be exclusively given in the lectures. Attendance to ALL lectures is essential.

1.5 hour workshop for in depth explanation, application of theory and discussion of the topics. A great deal of the examinable content of the OB course will be exclusively given in the workshops. Attendance at ALL workshops is essential.

Be aware that the content of the workshop for a given week (for the daytime stream this is on Monday or Tuesday) will relate to the topic of the previous weeks lecture (for the daytime stream this is the previous Thursday morning). The content of the first workshop includes the assessments, getting into groups and a full introduction to the course.

In addition, some workshops will be focused directly on the large group project and five of the workshops will contain a TEST (which together count for 20% of your grade)

Students will be required to supplement each hour of class with approximately three hours of their own work. This is a level 6 paper, worth 15 points.

2Teaching Team and Contact Details

E-mail Address
Office Hours
Dr Rachel Morrison
(course co-ordinator)
WF 838

3 Paper Information

3.1Prerequisite requirements

MBR (476140) OR Management & Organisation (465001)

3.2Paper Aim

The aim is to examine the behavioural aspects of organisations at the individual, group and organisational levels. Topics include personality, perception, attitudes and values, stress, learning and motivation, groups and teams, power and politics, conflict and communication.

3.3Learning Outcomes

By the end of this paper the student will be able to:
1. Identify the origins and characteristics of OB as a scientific discipline and assess its importance for managers and employees 2. Identify the main limitations of human perception and the effects of attitudes, attribution, personality and socialisation on how we perceive the world. To develop a conceptual appreciation of the wider implications of this for individuals and society. 3. Evaluate the ethical implications, strengths and weaknesses of theories of learning and motivation and relate these theories to student’s own experiences. 4. Explore the determinants of job satisfaction and relate these to the expression of personal values in the workplace. 5. Identify causes of stress and the individual and organisational consequences of stress. Understand the basic physiological and psychological mechanisms of the stress response and use this understanding to develop personal skills in managing stress. 6. Demonstrate understanding of team and group dynamics, and how these relate to individual personality differences; apply this...
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