Organization Base on Culture Metaphor

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Sub-optimization can be defined as the process of fulfilling or optimizing some chosen objective which is an integral part of a broader objective; usually the broad objective and lower-level objective are different. It occurs when different subunits each attempt to reach a solution that is optimal for that unit, but that may not be optimum for the organization as a whole. For example, the quality control department of a factory may want to introduce a program that will guarantee that every bulb that is produced is perfect. However, the higher cost and the resulting high price would lead to a disaster for the overall company in the form of lower sales.

Base on the view of culture metaphor, organizational culture is not a simple mirror of social reality but a framework for understanding (Slvesson). It is, however, important to reflect carefully upon the ideas, beliefs, and values that are important as subjects in organizational life and to distinguish between ‘key symbols’-symbols that play a vital role in terms of cognitive mapping, inspiring action, or summarizing emotions (Ortner, 1973). Base on this metaphor, sub goals in every department are vital Strictly speaking, culture is too broad in itself and overlaps too closely with organization to be able to function as a metaphor. Moreover, culture concept in organizational studies often has a realistic restriction. Hence, next, distinct view of diversity will be analyzed through machine metaphor. As mentioned before, culture metaphor support diversity as an inevitable factor of organization. On the contrary, machine metaphor does not support diversity. Base on this metaphor, organization is treated as a machine which focuses on rationality and inner efficiency. The employees in the machinery are cogs and they just have to finish the work as managers told.
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