Organizational Policy

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Organisational Policy & Procedures Manual
This outline has been designed to assist smaller community organisations develop written polices and organisational manuals.



What are Policies & Procedures?
A Policy is a statement of agreed intent that clearly and unequivocally sets out an organisation’ views with respect to a particular matter. s  is a set of principles or rules that provide a definite direction for an It organisation  Policies assist in defining what must be done

A Procedure/Practice is a clear step-by-step method for implementing an organisation’ policy or responsibility. s  Procedures describe a logical sequence of activities or processes that are to be followed to complete a task or function in a correct and consistent manner  Procedures can be produced in the form of: flowcharts checklists written steps of the process

Note: For every policy you establish, you will need to look at creating supporting procedures

Why have Policy?
 people working in an organisation can have a framework for actions So that help them get on with the job they need to do  people in the organisation don’ have to keep on discussing and So t rediscussing the same issues every time they arise – one thought out decision can be applied to many similar cases – efficiency  legal and other requirements can be met So  tool in quality improvement A


What is a Policy & Procedures Manual?
A Policy & Procedures Manual is a written record of the agreed policies and practices of an organisation. It should be readily available to all people involved in the management or work of an organisation. The Manual should be kept in a loose leaf file so that it can be updated and added to as polices and practices are reviewed and amended. Unwritten polices and procedures often lead to confusion and conflict.


Steps in writing policies
In small community organisations there are three processes that are commonly used for developing policy: 1. The policy/planning/evaluation day (or weekend) 2. A consultative process for developing particular policies 3. A policy review process

In larger organisations, the processes are likely to be more formalised:  Standing Policy & Procedures Committee (s) for different areas  Forms Committee (s)  Recommendations and decisions passing through several levels of management


Planning/Evaluation Day

The stakeholders in the organisation come together for a day and develop key organisation policies such as:  Mission  Organisational Philosophy  Aims, objectives, strategies  Determining priorities for policy development during the coming year

Tips: Involve all the stakeholders;get a facilitator, especially if there are big value differences between those participating;use lots of butchers paper to keep track of the content of the day;and have a good time.



Policy Development Process
a. b. c. Seek commitment to developing policy Collectively identify an area for policy development Staff or another group, brainstorm the issues involved (Tip: focus on naming the issues;don’necessarily attempt to t resolve the issues) Write a first draft Distribute the draft and consult across the organisation for comment There may be a meeting to review all the feedback, written and verbal and to amend and revise the draft (Tip: where there are major differences of view, name them, don’ t resolve them – the Management Committee might be good for a major policy debate) Recirculate the draft and continue this process as necessary Write a final draft Prepare a cover sheet for the Board/Management Committee identifying the steps that were used in developing the draft policy Decision is made by the Board/Management Committee Ensure the Board/Management Committee endorse the policy (Tip: put in the date on which the policy was ratified) The policy is incorporated into the Policy and Procedures Manual Set a date for review of the policy The policy...
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