Renaissance Women, Hallmarks, Art

Topics: Renaissance, Italy, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (337 words) Published: September 2, 2013
1. The Hallmarks of the Renaissance
a. Individualism
b. Secularism
c. Antiquity
d. Skepticism
2. Renaissance Art

Renaissance Women
- Men married younger women
- Resulted in many widows
- Women could inherit property
- In charge of nurturing children
○ Some say that's why the arts..
- Upper class women enjoyed high degree of freedom
- Still expected to obey husbands- still unequal

Isabella d'Este (First Lady of the Renaissance)
- Window
- Leader of Mantua
- Patron of the arts
- Founds school of girls
○ Liberal arts
○ Learn poetry and literature
○ Dancing ~
○ Music
○ To entertain
Catherine de Medici
- Italian married into
- Three sons became king of France
- Controls the law
- Architecture
○ Wing to the Louvre

Laura Cereta
- University of Prada
○ Moral education
- Wrote letters about life

Christine de Pisan
- "The City of Ladies"
○ Should carve out own place in society
○ If they don't give place in society, should leave and create our own

The Hallmarks of the Renaissance

Antiquity: a renewed interest in ancient Greek and roman civilizations.
- Italians copied the ancient Roman lifestyle
- The study of the Greek and Roman classics led to humanism

Humanism: the attempt to understand human nature through a study of pagan antiquity and Christian thought.
- humanists believed that there were no limits to what human beings could accomplish- HUMANS CAN DO ANYTHING!

Individualism: Medieval people usually saw themselves as members of a group. (Asia- group; West- themselves)
- Renaissance people believed in individual will and genius.

Secularism: One becomes concerned with materialism rather than religion.
- People became more concerned about money and the accumulation of wealth.
- Interested in pleasure and the enjoyment of life on Earth

Renaissance Art

Anatomy - humanism
- Humanism was represented by a...
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