Role of Rewards and Recognition in Organizational Behavior

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Role of rewards and recognition in Organizational Behavior
Behavior in Organizations
We want to investigate through a theoretical study the role of rewards and recognition in organizational behavior of employees and how employees in an organization are motivated by rewards and recognition. Why this topic?

Human resource is the most important asset of any organization these days. So, organizations are paying increased attention to employing people who add value to the organization and retaining them. As we all know, incentives play a major role in motivating the behavior of people; the organizational behavior of employees is no exception to this. The rewards and recognition being provided by the organization go a great way in influencing the performance of the employees and motivating them. It has been proved that employees with positive attitude towards their leaders and organization can contribute to significant achievements in the corporate world. This positive attitude comprises of job satisfaction, loyalty to the company, motivation and recognition. Keeping in mind the relevance of this aspect in today’s corporate world, we have chosen this topic for our project. Method

The methodology for this research paper is:
Reading research papers and analyst reports
Analysis of the data available in them
Identify factors that influence rewards & recognition in employees Understand the methods that organizations use to reward employees Comparative study of differences in approaches based on parameters like sectors, geographies and preferences. Draw conclusions of how rewards and recognition impacts employees: •Job satisfaction

Attrition Rate
Organizational Citizenship behavior
Employees deviant behavior
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