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Alpha; the uppercase form of the first letter of the Greek alphabet. See A by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abacus
A portion of a column of the Doric Order; the uppermost member of a capital beneath the architrave; simply stated, the abacus is a slab forming the top of the capital of a column. See Abacus by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abae

The site of the oracular shrine of Apollon in Phokis (Phocis) near the city of Delphi. See Abae by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abantian
A name for the island of Euboea derived from one of the early tribes of that island, the Abantes. * Argonautika, book 4, lines 1128-1169
See Abantian by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abarbare
A Naiad, i.e. a water nymph; the consort of Boukolion (Boucolion) and mother of the twins, Pedasos and Aisepos; both young men were killed while defending the city of Troy. Her name is also rendered as Abarbaree and Abarbarea.

* Iliad, book 6, line 22
See Abarbare by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abas (1)
The father of Kanethos (Canethos) and grand-father of the Argonaut, Kanthos (Canthos); he was from the island of Euboea. * Argonautika, book 1, line 77
See Abas (1) by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abas (2)
The stepfather of the Argonaut, Idmon; Idmon’s true father, Apollon gave him the gift of prophecy. * Argonautika, book 1, line 142; book 2, lines 815, 823(?) and 857 See Abas (2) by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abas (3)

He and his brother, Polyidos, were the sons of the dream interpreter, Old Eurydamas; both brothers were killed byDiomedes during the siege of the city of Troy. * Iliad, book 5, line 149
See Abas (3) by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abdera
A Greek city on the coast of Thrake (Thrace) east of the river Nestos; the city was first settled in the seventh century BCE and then later (sixth century BCE) re-established by Ionians from Asia Minor. Abdera was the birthplace of the philosopher Demokritus (Democritus) and the sophist Protagoras; ironically, the inhabitants of the city were mocked for their inferior minds. See Abdera by itself with citation tips (best for bookmarking). Abydos (1)

A Greek city on the Asian side of the Hellespont; the city of Sestos lies across the Hellespont on the European side of the narrow channel. Abydos was the home of a young man named Leander who was in love with a priestess of Aphrodite named Hero; Leander would regularly swim the channel at night in order to meet with Hero in Sestos but one night he lost his way and drowned; this tale from antiquity has inspired many young adventurers to swim the strait to duplicate Leander’s feat. There is a point of land jutting into the Hellespont from the European side of the waterway and it was at this spot, in 480 BCE, that the Persian king, Xerxes, built a pontoon bridge by lashing ships together and crossing the Hellespont from Abydos to Sestos. Before he arrived at Abydos, Xerxes instructed the townspeople to construct a platform of stones on a hill so that he could stand atop it and survey the massive army and navy he had assembled for the invasion of Greece. The other Greek cities of the Hellespont were required to supply soldiers and ships for Xerxes’ invasion forces but the people of Abydos were ordered to stay at home and protect the pontoon bridge from attack; the bridge was not harmed by any enemy of the Great King but, when Xerxes retreated back to Abydos after his invasion of Greece had failed, the waves and wind had made the pontoon bridge unstable and unusable; Xerxes and his army crossed from Sestos to Abydos via ship. When the people of Abydos and Sestos learned that the Greeks who had not allied themselves with the Persians were approaching the Hellespont, they dismantled the pontoon bridge and stored the gear at Sestos; when the Greeks arrived,...
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