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1. Punishments for crimes under the Code of Hammurabi were more severe for the lower classes. P10 2. The Hebrew Bible focuses on the basic theme of the necessity of the Hebrews to obey their God P37 3. The greatest international sea traders of the ancient Near East were the Phoenicians p41 4. List the Phoenicians' contributions to the ancient Near East. P41-42

the founding of the colony of Carthagea simplified alphabet and writing system establishment of Mediterranean trading routesdistribution of Egyptian papyrus 5. Assyrian art was primarily concerned with glorifying the king, hunting and war.p45 6. What did Nebuchadnezzar II accomplish? P46

rebuilt Babylondefeated the AssyriansHanging Gardens of Babylon destroyed Judah and carried population into exile 7. Cyrus the Great was perhaps best known for being a just and benevolent ruler. P47-48 8. The Persian Empire reached its largest territorial boundaries under Darius P47 9. The Persian Empire's system of satrapies allowed for a sensible system of collecting tribut based on an area’s productive capacity. P49 10. List the parts of the Persian military. P49-50calvaryinfantryImmortalsnavy 11. The Persian army was a professional army that depended on mercenaries P50 12. Describe the status of women in Mesopotamian society. P11

to be in the home and subservient to her husband
13. The Nile River provided ancient Egyptians with an excellent artery for transportation. P16-17 14. The focal points and sources of life for the ancient Egyptians were the Nile River and the pharaohs. P17-18 15. Ancient Egyptian history is divided into 3 major periods. P17 16. The Hyksos were a Semitic- speaking people who infiltrated Egypt in the seventeenth century B.C. p23 17. The economy of ancient Egypt relied most heavily on agriculture. P20 18. Which Egyptian god was most closely associated with the mummification of the dead? Osiris p21 19. Originally the Osiris cult was reserved for the wealthy and who could afford preservation of the body. P21 20. The Egyptian Pyramids were conceived and built as tombs for a city of the dead. P21 21. Amenhotep IV is best known for the temporary installation of the god of the sun disk in Egyptian culture. P24 22. Akhenaten established a new city called Akhetaten 200 miles from Thebes. P25 23. One of the few female pharaohs was Hatshepsut P26 24. The Hittites were an Indo-European speaking peoples who made iron weapons of war. P30 25. List some Indo-European languages. P30

26. The tradition of the Hebrews states that they were descendants of the patriarch Abraham who had migrated from Mesopotamia to the land of Palestine. P35 27. The earliest human-like creatures, hominids, existed in Africa as early as3 to 4 million years ago P2 28. The first modern Homo sapiens first appeared in Africa between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago. P2 29. What are believed to be developments of the Paleolithic Age? p2-3

a. Utilization of toolsb. origins of religious and decorative artc. social system with rough equality between the sexesd. controlled use of fire 30. The early Neolithic era saw a slow transition from hunting and gathering to an agricultural society. P3-4 31. The early Neolithic revolution saw what technical developments? P4-5

a. writingb. metal toolsc. weaving of clothd.agricultural villages 32. List some characteristics of Mesopotamian society. P8-9
Commerce and industry were important next to agriculture
Different social groups...
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