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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zahide Karakitapoğlu Aygün

Fall 2013
___________________________________________________________________________________ Section 01Section 02
Mon: 15.40-16.40 V-02Tue: 10.30-11.30 V-02
Thurs: 13.40-14.40 V-02Fri: 8.30-9.30 V-02

If I decide to meet on Mon at 16.40 (Sec 01) or on Fri at 8.30 (Sec 02), I will let you know in advance.

Office: Man 314Office Hours:
Phone: 290 20 39Fri: 10.30-12.00
e-mail: or by appointment


This course is to help students obtain in-depth understanding of organizations and organizational effectiveness. By introducing the basic concepts and recent theoretical approaches, the course will help students to develop the capability of understanding, designing, and managing organizations. The course emphasizes both the macro characteristics of organizations such as their structures, technology and environment, and internal processes such as organizational culture, managerial decision making, politics and conflicts. By means of lectures, class discussions, case studies and team project, this course will help students have a broad understanding of the dynamics of organizations.

More specifically, when you have successfully completed this course, you should be able to:

Integrate new concepts and models from organization theory in analyzing organizations; Understand and diagnose organizational needs and problems
Explore, understand and evaluate different organizational structures and strategies Understand the complexity of the organizational environment including both global and multicultural aspects and assess the outcomes/implications of these external factors Identify and apply various organizational processes such as culture, conflict, politics, decision making, innovation in managing organizations and solving organizational problems Identify and evaluate internal factors such as organizational size, life cycle and their impact on organizations Demonstrate effective teamwork behaviors (i.e. participating in team activities, attending team meetings, completing team tasks in a timely manner) Clearly communicate ideas and findings both orally and in writing Think critically

Show awareness of the ethical components of a business decision Show awareness of and commitment to respect for others’ opinions and beliefs, and equal treatment of individuals regardless of gender and other characteristics

Required Textbook
Understanding the Theory and Design of Organizations by Richard L. Daft. Thomson South-Western, 2013 (11th edition – International Edition).


Midterm I (15%), Midterm II (15%), Final Exam (20%): The exams will consist of essay type of questions. The exams will cover the material discussed in class, case studies and the assigned chapters from your textbook. The final exam will be comprehensive. Students who missed an exam and have a written documentation for health problems from University Health Service will be given a comprehensive essay type of make-up exam during the final exam period. Failing to take the exams without an excuse results in receiving “0” for that exam.

In order to qualify for the final exam:
You have to attend 75% of the quizzes.

If you fail to satisfy this condition, you will get FZ grade and will not be eligible to take the final exam.

Participation and Quizzes (20%): The first part of this component refers to participation. This course is a both lecture and discussion-based course. You will be expected to make each session stimulating by keeping up the readings, organizing your thoughts before each session and participate actively in the discussion. All students are required to participate in discussions by asking and answering questions, and making comments. It is your responsibility that you read the assigned chapters,...
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