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Unit of Study Outline
Unit code WORK2218 Unit title People and Organisations Semester 2, 2012 Pre-requisite units: 24 Junior Credit Points Co-requisite units: None Assumed Knowledge and/or skills: None

Unit coordinator: Helena Liu Email address: helena.liu@sydney.edu.au Room: Room N444, Institute Building Phone: (02) 9351 7605 Consultation Hours: Please go to Blackboard for details of all staff consultation times. Class day(s): Please go to Blackboard for class times and locations.

Required Text / Resources: Martin, J and Fellenz, M (2010) Organizational Behaviour & Management, Cengage.

This Guide to Unit Learning Content and Assessment MUST be read in conjunction with the Guide to Business School Student Administration Manual (sydney.edu.au/business/currentstudents/student_information/student_administration_manual) and University Policies on Academic Honesty, Special Consideration, and all applicable policies that apply to every unit of study offered by the Business School (http://sydney.edu.au/business/currentstudents/policy) . In determining applications and appeals relating to these matters it will be assumed that every student has taken the time to familiarise themselves with these key policies and procedures.

Version: 2012 Business School

Business School

1. Unit of study information (School handbook description) Contemporary organisations are characterised by a high degree of change. One of the most pervasive, and widely debated, changes in organisations has been the growing use of various forms of teamwork. Contemporary forms of teamwork include project based teams, virtual teams, and self managing teams and are found across a broad spectrum of organisational types- from manufacturing to professional service organisations. This unit of study introduces students to theories about the impact of individual, group and organisational factors on people and organisations and uses these concepts and theories to examine the factors that can make working in and managing teams more effective. As such, People and Organisations is designed to provide students majoring in Business insight into a set of critical issues that will impact their professional and business careers. Because of the increasing significance of teamwork, this unit of study also provides an important foundation for further study in Management and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

2. Program Learning outcomes UG 1. Business Knowledge Our Bachelors programs develop each graduate to be adept in identifying and understanding major commercial trends both locally and globally leading to students who are able to demonstrate an understanding of the key challenges in managing business in a range of business and cultural contexts. 2. Critical Thinking Our Bachelors programs develop each graduate to be a critical thinker and discerning decision maker leading to students who are able to solve business problems by identifying and critically evaluating implications of business decisions from a range of disciplinary business perspectives. 3. Business Analysis and Problem-Solving Our Bachelors programs develop each graduate to be a capable business analyst and problem-solver leading to students who are able to analyse and diagnose business problems and design a range of business improvements that can result in significant business process improvement and/or the exploitation of advanced information and communications technologies. 4. Communication Our Bachelors programs develop each graduate to be an effective and professional business communicator leading to students who are able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using a range of modes of communication including business reports and presentations and including the ability to negotiate and persuade in a business context. 5. Team Working Our Bachelors programs develop each graduate to be an effective team member in a variety of business contexts...
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