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Topics: China, Central Asia, Buddhism Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: September 22, 2013
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Hammurabi’s Code of Laws, this is the first known written law code Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Mesopotamia means, “land between two rivers”
Hebrews created monotheism and the Ten Commandments
Social classes
Men were the center of the family, women had few rights and were not allowed to attend school Invented the wheel, the plow, and bronze weapons. Also created measurements for time (60 sec) If you hurt someone in the same social class, then they can hurt you. (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth) If you hurt someone of a lower class, you have to pay a fine If you hurt someone of a higher class, then you usually get killed Egypt

Nile River
Indus River
Caste systems Brahimins (priests) - Associated with Hinduism Kshatriyas (warriors & rulers)

Vaisyas (skilled traders, merchants, & minor officials)
Sudras (unskilled workers)
Pariah “Harijans” (Outcastes, “Untouchables”)
The caste you were born in is the caste you died in
Reincarnation – belief that we are stuck in a cycle of rebirth Creator of Buddhism: Siddhartha Gautama
Both Hinduism & Buddhism believed in Reincarnation
4 Noble Truths: helps explain the meaning of life
8-fold path: giving up human desires
Created the idea of zero, infinity, and decimals
Known for their astronomy
Inventions: gunpowder & compass - Tang & Song Dynasties
Yangtze River and Yellow River
Civil Service System – only rich male citizens could go to school, pay for tests, and become politicians - Related to Confucianism Silk Road
The Mongols
Nomadic herders that lived in Central Asian steppes
Excellent horsemen
Yassa Code
1241 – Mongol attacks Hungary and Poland
Marco Polo traveled on the Silk Road
Culture – people’s way of...
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