1. What Is Meant by Effective Communication? Why Is Mutual Understanding at the Heart of Any Definition of Effective Communication

Topics: Motivation, Expectancy theory, Victor Vroom Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: January 31, 2013
1.What is meant by effective communication? Why is mutual understanding at the heart of any definition of effective communication?

Communication is the process of transmitting information and understanding from one person to another. Effective communication means a successful transfer of information, meaning, and understanding from a sender to a receiver.

The mutual understanding at the heart is significant point that communication always involves at least two people: a sender to a receiver, it cannot be emphasized too strongly that effective communication includes both sending and receiving information. Understand is a personal matter between people, and is an idea received has the same meaning as the one intended, then we can say that effective communication has taken place.

2.If you were arrested and accused of being a “good communicator,” would there is enough evidence to convict you? Why or why not? There won’t be evidence to convict me of I am a “good communicator,” because even there are a lot of communication barriers faced these days by all. The message intended by the sender is not understood by the receiver in the same terms and sense and thus communication breakdown occurs. It is essential to deal and cope up with these communication barriers so as to ensure smooth and effective communication: 1.Eliminating differences in perception: The organization should ensure that it is recruiting right individuals on the job. It’s the responsibility of the interviewer to ensure that the interviewee has command over the written and spoken language. There should be proper Induction program so that the policies of the company are clear to all the employees. There should be proper trainings conducted for required employees. 2.Use of Simple Language: Use of simple and clear words should be emphasized. Use of ambiguous words and jargons should be avoided. 3.Reduction and elimination of noise levels: Noise is the main communication barrier which...
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