10 Things I Learned from Mgt-317

Topics: Decision making, Organizational studies, Dialectic Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Organizational Behavior.

1. I learned that organizational culture is the shared values and beliefs that underlie a company’s identity. The organizational culture is passed through socialization to new employees and it influences how we behave at work.

2. I learned that different types of organizations have different types of cultures. For example, Badger Mining Corporation uses a clan culture, which resembles a family-like structure and the effectiveness is achieved through collaboration of all the employees. Apple uses an adhocracy culture and encourages innovation and creativity. Carmakers KIA uses a market culture and promotes competition inside the organization with the purpose of increasing market share and being profitable. Tech company Dell has a hierarchy culture, which promotes their employees to be efficient and reduce cost.

3. I learned that there are two types of conflicts in an organization, content or substantive based and personal or emotional based. The first one can be solved by using creativity and innovation and can benefit the organization. The second one harms people involved because of their egos.

4. I learned that sometimes conflicts benefit the involved parties. There are two ways of stimulating functional conflict: (1) by being the devil’s advocate and (2) by using the dialectic method. The devil’s advocate works as a critic and tries to find flaws in the proposal and the dialectic method uses debate between proposals.

5. I learned that there are 5 was to resolve conflicts. (1) Competing is being assertive and not caring about other people’s concerns. (2) Accommodating is unassertive and cooperative, an individual neglects his own rights to satisfy the concerns of others. (3) Avoiding is unassertive and uncooperative. When avoiding, an individual does not immediately pursue either his or her own concerns or those of the other person. (4) Collaborating is assertive and cooperative. When collaborating, an...
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