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EXERCISE 30.1 Forming possessives

Form the possessive case of each word or word group in brackets.

The [men] blood pressures were higher than the [women].
The men’s blood pressures were higher than the women’s.

1. In the myths of the ancient Greeks, the [goddesses’] roles vary widely. 2. [Demeter’s] responsibility is the fruitfulness of the earth. 3. [Athena’s] role is to guard the city of Athens.
4. [Artemis’] function is to care for wild animals and small children. 5. [Athena and Artemis’s] father, Zeus, is the king of the gods. 6. Even a single [goddess’s] responsibilities are often varied. 7. Over several [centuries’] time, Athena changes from a [mariner’] goddess to the patron of crafts. 8. Athena is also concerned with fertility and with [children’s] wellbeing, since [Athens’] strength depended on a large and healthy population. 9. Athena often changes into [birds’] forms.

10. In [Homer’s] Odyssey she assumes a [sea eagle’s] form. 11. In ancient Athens the myths of Athena were part of [everyone’s] knowledge and life. 12. A cherished myth tells how Athena fights to retain possession of her [people’s] land when the god Poseidon wants it. 13. [Athena and Poseidon’s] skills are different, and each promises a special gift to the Athenians. 14. At the [contest’s] conclusion, Poseidon has given water and Athena has given an olive tree, for sustenance. 15. The other gods decide that the [Athenians’s] lives depend more on Athena than on Poseidon.

EXERCISE 30.2 Distinguishing between plurals and possessives

Supply the appropriate form—possessive or plural—of each word given in brackets. Some answers require apostrophes, and some do not.

A dozen Hawaiian [shirt], each with [it] own loud design, hung in the window. A dozen Hawaiian shirts, each with its own loud design, hung in the window.

1. Demeter may be the oldest of the Greek [gods], older than Zeus. 2. Many prehistoric [cultures] had earth [goddesses] like...
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