3220 Unit 5 complete

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Ol3220 Unit 5 complete
Case Study

Christine Brooks, the regional claims manager for the national insurance company for Westchester zone (Rosenberg, 2003). Christine was in charge of implementing this major zone reorganization in which four offices under her responsibility would be consolidated to one location by the end of the year. This reorganization was due to deregulation and continuous economic weakness, company had decided to the cost-cutting moves for some regional areas and one of which included the Westchester zone reorganization. There were many factors which were associated with the case of national insurance company as financial gain, cost-cutting budgets, and down-sizing (Banerjee, 2002). Further, issues had faced by the company because of financial crisis which might expected to come after 2000 (Rosenberg, 2003). It was also expected that a recession could be seen in 2001. These associated factors of this situation had increased taxes and operational amount for the company. The premium which usually paid by policymakers, were also insufficient to reduce the impact of the economic downturn for the company which considerably due to the cost of claims and operating expenses (Banerjee, 2002). However, lower interest rates for the company’s where had to sell first insurances with less benefits and loss impacted the company. Lastly, company had come to critical situation with the dramatic downturn in its stock portfolio. Therefore, there was a considerable amount of uncertainty of work even managers and employees of their respective cultures, were also stressed due to less job security for this culture (Rosenberg, 2003). Christine decided to facilitate the transition changes, she believed that it would be prudent to bring together all her managers and to develop the most effective strategy for managing the changes. Unfortunately, she did not foresee the culture zone difference.

Banerjee, S B. 2002. Corporate environmentalism: the...

References: LeBaron, M. (2003, July). Culture and conflict. Retrieved September 21, 2014, from http%3A%2F%2Fwww.beyondintractability.org%2F
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