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Topics: Democracy, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay

The ancient Greek Democracy and the ancient Roman Republic might seem like they are the same but they actually differ in some points. A Greek Democracy focuses on voting directly on an issue, while a Roman Republic focuses on voting for representatives. That is mainly what makes a Greek Democracy and a Roman Republic different. But in the end they both end up being similar by giving power to the people.

The ancient Greek Democracy and the ancient Roman Republic are different in some ways. They are mainly different because they give people the different ways of voting whether it’s voting on directly on an issue or voting for a representatives. The Roman Republic had 300 elected officials on the other hand, the Greek Democracy just had a small assembly. The Greek Democracy had an autonomy, meaning they were self governed. In conclusion, they both gave freedom to their people but just had a different types of systems.

Although the Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic did have different ways of functioning they were also similar. They were mainly similar because their people had the power to vote. Both are also similar because they were looking for equality and did not want to have a king. Another thing in which they are similar a lot is who they allowed to vote. Slaves, children and women were not allowed to vote. They only let men who were citizens vote. In conclusion, both systems indeed did have differences but were very much alike. Ancient Roman Republic and ancient Greek Democracy strongly influenced the government we have in the United States today. The United States mainly composed of these two types of systems. The U.S. also shares the history behind these systems of why they were created. They were created for getting rid of tyrants and kings, and allowing people to have a voice in the government. In my opinion the U.S. uses the Roman Republic system the most because we vote for representatives to make laws. But...
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