Abortion and Unborn Child

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For many years when you heard the word abortion people would have plenty to say. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to abortions and how they affect women and men. Mitt Romney who is one of our former presidential candidates has very interesting views about abortion. Many people will agree with how Mitt Romney wanted to handle abortion if he won office. Romney was brought up in a Mormon house hold and in this religion abortion is a forbidden word. Abortion should be illegal and should be frown upon like murder in America. Abortion is a medical procedure that requires a licensed professional to perform under doctor and nursing care. This procedure is abuse to the mother and the unborn child it consisted of salt poisoning, a partial birth, dilation and evacuation of embryo. According to (Romney2011) he made several comments in his campaign about how he is a big supporter of the reversal of Roe vs Wade. The Roe vs Wade was a controversial case this was history in the making. Before 1973 abortions were illegal. Abortions are looked at as killing a life that did not have a choice. Romney is an advocate and big supporter of the unborn child protection act. He opposes abortion except in rape, incest, and if the mother’s life is in danger. Some people have used the word genocide to describe abortion in the early 1900’s which means killing off a species of any decent. Abortions should be out lawed in the U.S. and should have strict punishment for anyone who chooses to break this law. Women are seeking for affordable ways to receive an abortion procedure and run into all...

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