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Issue 26

The beginning of the start of the twentieth century saw the development and promotion of a great variety of strategies that could be used by managers to improve organisations. Referencing to the statement, spectacular failures of some large national and international organisations suggest that the organisational environment within which they operated was uncertain and unpredictable due to modern complexities and constant changing. To define the key words, we should clarify of what are those components of the environment. Issues such as intense competition, economic or political fluctuations, and advances in technology create pressure outside the organisation. These pressures, combined with the existing internal pressures of the organization, also influence the way in which managers need to operate within the organisation. Besides, it is very important to know what are the modern complexities and constant changing that will cause to several uncertainty and unpredictable factors.

Issue 1
What is your opinion of this statement?

First of all, we need to know about the organisational environments, it is very essential to know there are multiple business environments and that they are described in different ways by different researchers. The term organisational environment refers to all internal and external elements that have the potential to affect the organisation, whether or not their impact is recognised. The organisational environment is usually combined by three parts, which are the mega environment, the task environment and the internal environment.

For the first part, the mega environment consists of widely dispersed external factors which affect the organisation indirectly since they affect the whole industry or economy that the organisation operate within. The mega environment also called the macro environment relates to broad external, international and cultural factors that can affect the organisation over time, which is socio-cultural dimension, technological dimension, international dimension, legal or political dimension and economic dimension. Firstly, the socio-cultural dimension, which is the demographic characteristics, norms, customs and values of the wider population in which the organization operates. Secondly, the technological dimension, which is the scientific and or technological advancements in the broader society. Thirdly, the international dimension, which events of an international perspective whereby foreign influences affect the domestic markets and economy. Fourthly, which is the legal and political dimension, means the philosophy and objectives of the ruling political party and its related laws and regulations. Last but not least, economic dimension, which is the economic health of a country or region.

For the task environment, it consists of external factors which affect the operation and performance of the organisation directly. It is a sub-set of the external, mega environment, consists of competitive and strategic tasks of the companies, groups and persons with whom an organization interacts in the conduct of its business. It includes several stakeholders; whose are persons, groups and organization affected in one way or another by the performance of the organization. What is more, they have a direct working relationship with the organization. For instance, customers, regulators, competitors, suppliers and labor supply.

The internal environment consists of all elements within the organisation’s operational structure, employees, management and culture. It is...

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