Adulthood and Anti Aging

Topics: Gerontology, Present, Time Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: January 27, 2013
PSY/211, Dr. Kathy Terry
Team Assignment/ Week 3
Team A:

Adult and Aging: Social Processes and Development

* Research has found with age people have fewer social partners

* Family members and friends play a significant role in social processes and well-being across adulthood. * Most reliable findings in social gerontology are that with age people report fewer social partners * The number of emotionally close social partners stays relatively constant with age.

* When men are caregivers, they often receive more instrumental help but less emotional support from friends and family members than their female counterparts

* Close social partners provide emotionally meaningful interactions, and satisfaction with family members.

* Social connection is important to emotional well-being, including lower rates of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance We chose this article because it talked about the social process across adulthood, which we are experiencing at the present time. It was very interesting to know that the older you get your social click lessons and since the younger years the people that we have associated with have lessened.

Key Points of the article:
Research reveals that [people who report positive relationships with siblings, particularly sisters report lower levels of depression.

If you had to write a research paper on this topic, would you use the article you selected? Explain why or why not? If we had to write a research paper, we would use this article because the writer provided adequate and informative data on the topic. Another reason we would use the article chosen is to express to the reader the social process throughout adulthood.
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