Against the Legalization of Prostitution: Why Sex Shouldnt Be Sold

Topics: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Women have leverage over men in a way that no one can deny: sex. For some reason, men will bend over backwards and jump through hoops of fire in return for the promise of sex. Some men will even reach into their wallets. This brings up the question of whether or not prostitution, the buying and selling of sex should be legal. In many places it already is, but does this make it morally right? Is it ethical to sell one's body like a product in demand? In this essay, these questions will be addressed and the conclusion will be drawn that sex is just too sacred to bottle and sell.

Against the Legalization of Prostitution: Why Sex Shouldn’t Be Sold
To think that prostitution dates back to at least 2400 B.C is astonishing (Lerner, 2012). There have been countless debates regarding the matter of legalizing prostitution. It is a worldwide controversial matter, but what about it leads to controversial arguments and opposing viewpoints from our society? The idea that prostitution poses of selling one's body in exchange for money has had a negative impact in our society since it was first introduced into our presence. However, there are a vast number of the population who are keen on the idea of legalizing prostitution. They argue that it will help regulate the sex industry making it safer for sex workers and being able to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). But, they don’t realize the consequences and impact of what will happen in years to come. Prostitution should not be legalized because it will be harder for the government to control the spread of STD’s, it is morally and ethically wrong, and it will end up benefiting pimps and sex traffickers.

First off, the opposing argument about how legalizing prostitution will help regulate the industry’s spread of STD’s is completely illogical. The fact is that if prostitution is to be legalized it will make it very difficult for the government to regulate it because the rapid growth of the...

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