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Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Retirement Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: January 25, 2012
Thompson, 2006,comments that it is important “that due regard is given to questions of good practice in working with older people-that is, to the development of anti-ageist practice.” The Author will now discuss the above with particular attention drawn to Ageist &Anti-Ageist practice. The Theoretical framework applicable to aging & its implications on policy & practice within social care work with elderly people.

Hughes & Mtezuka (1992) describes ageism as “the social process through which negative images of & attitudes towards older people, based solely on the characteristics of old age itself, result in discrimination.”

The Author whilst researching this topic came across various forms of ageist practices solely for the purpose of this essay several have been selected to briefly discuss.

Firstly stereotyping all elderly people with less favourable assumptions such as “All elderly people are Dependent on Society.” “Ageism has the effect of undermining a sense of dignity and the self-esteem which partly depends on it. Ageism marginalizes, excludes and demoralises.”(Thompson, 2006.) In Contrast with an Anti-Ageist practice where an assessment is recommended and an intervention is then put in place based on this assessment rather than on assumptions. According to Thompson “A key task within a programme of developing anti-ageist practice must therefore be the promotion of dignity and the enhancement of self-esteem-counterbalance to the prevalence of negative stereotypes.”

A very Common Drawback in Ageist practice with social care workers is the applying of Medical terminology such as “treatment” and “diagnosis”. Whereas a less ageist approach would be in the utilization of social care terminology such as “Interventions” and “Assessments”, which have less of an impact on the Elderly persons Self-esteem and Self-Image, where becoming elderly is viewed as another stage in life rather than associated with illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks and...
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