Aging and Disability

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Aging and Disability Worksheet

Part I

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population.

1. Health
2. Job security
3. Lack of respect that the youth has on the elderly

Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

* What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society? Ageism is prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. Ageism influences the presence of diversity in society in negative ways. Ageism is society has a stereotype and is often negative perception of older people. They are being judged on the date of their birth and a battery of ill-informed perceptions that are made about the elderly. People do not know by making a small remark like, “over the hill” and “don’t be an old fuddy duddy.” Both of these comments are considered ageism comments and makes older people upset by the remarks. I know that I have done this numerous times and I would have never known that is considered ageism. (

* What is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)? How does the ADEA address issues for the aging population? The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 forbids employment discrimination against anyone at least 40 years of age in the United States. The bill was signed in 1967 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. ( The ADEA address the issues for the aging population by taking companies to court to prove that they fired employees for reasons of being old. The ADEA also works the other way. If an older person is hire in a place then younger, this is still discrimination by the ADEA law. Everyone in a work place should have equal rights and be able to advance if they want, no matter the age. Even though the law is there, the elderly people still are struggling with employment problems.

* What is being done to address the issues you identified? In health care there are not enough things that are being addressed. Health is still the biggest issue that not only the older people struggle with, everyone struggles with it. They have made health insurance so expensive that most people cannot afford to pay for it and our elderly cannot afford to retire because they would not have the health benefits. Job security is being addressed by the laws that have been put in place. By not hiring an older person that is considered age discrimination, if a company gets accused of this they have to appear in court and prove the reason why they fired the employee that does not point at anything to do with the person age.

* Is the number of aging population expected to rise in numbers or decrease? The population in the United States is expected to increase to 438 million people by 2050. The number of individuals over 65yrs was 39.6 million in 2009. In 2030 the number is going to increase to 72.1.million. So there is going to be an increase. They also say that there will be a decrease as well. They believe there will be a decrease in the working population. The dependency ration of elderly people to working adults is expected to rise from 59 dependents per 100 working adults in 2005 to 72 dependents per 100 working adults. This means that there will be fewer people paying taxes and providing the services to support the older generations.

* What types of legislation may or may not be affected by the aging population? The key areas of legislation that will be affected by the aging population are pension provision and health care. In both cases the key issue is that the number of people working and paying taxes to fund pensions and health care will decrease while the number of older people making these services rises. It saying that if more people don’t start working and paying their taxes that there will be limited amount of funding for pensions and health care for the...
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