Alexander the Great

Topics: Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Question: What do you think was the single greatest accomplishment of Alexander and why? Does he deserve the appellation of "Great?" Why or why not?

Alexander the Great is without a doubt one of the most prominent military strategists of all time. His name is forever forged in history books along with other great leaders as Gengis Khan, Atilla the Hut and Tamerlane. The appellation of “Great” bestowed on him is clearly justified simply by his deeds. Between 334 and 323 BCE, he was able to defeat four different armies traveling 17,000 miles to accomplish this feat. Alexander’s the Great’s accomplishments have become a measure which military leaders have long tried to compare themselves against. Among all these accomplishments, there must be a single one that can be easily pointed as the pinnacle of his reign as King of Macedonia. Could it be the innovative new employment of the mighty phalanx formation that enabled him to free the Greek city-states and defeat the Persian Empire? Perhaps his uncompromising leadership style still taught at military academies around the world could be his greatest accomplishment. The answer I believe is much greater than all this, and did not reveal itself until after his untimely death. By creating one of the largest empires of the ancient world, He was able to introduce the western civilization to the east in a way that ushered in the Hellenistic civilization. The fusion of eastern and western ideas and cultures forcibly united by Alexander the Great gave way to emergence of the Roman Empire. The Hellenistic civilizations political systems, philosophical views form the basis of what is modern western society. Many historians have referred to Alexander as both a bloodthirsty monster infatuated with war and a romantic visionary. However most will agree that he is one of the greatest leaders in ancient history.

Zoki Vidljinovic, The Reign of Alexander III, the Great:356-323 BC October 15, 1997...
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