Alike,different or both?

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“Alike, Different, or Both?”
Compare and Contrast

Out of Roman, Greek And the U.S government, Greek government has been around for nearly thousands of years, and they all had different ways of governing. There was more than one government in Greece, not like today in the United States. Also not like the U.S. Greece was not a country, Greece consisted of city-states. Greek city-states made their own laws to be independent. But all city-states spoke the same language ,had the same religion and the same history. If you think about it, Greece was similar to the U.S because city-states are kind of like the U.S states; but we don’t have state laws for every state. Greek Government was more different than alike with U.S government. Key fact, The U.S got some of our systems of governing from the Greeks and Romans.

Similar to the Roman government the Greek government had a Senate. Different from the Greek government the Roman Republic was controlled by the Senate. The Senate Allowed all the laws and kept all the money. The Senate was only ruled by wealthy people called Patricians. Different from the U.S government because we only have one ruler ( the president) and he doesn’t have to be wealthy. At first , kings ruled over Greece and Rome but then citizens formed a democracy. Later on that lead on to city-states . The Roman and Greek empires are both alike and different in ways.

In the U.S much like the earlier times of Rome and Greece we have a ruler or president. Our president rules for four years then another president is to be elected. The Roman Republic is very similar to the way the United States government is today. There are three branches of government in the U.S. The Executive branch,Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. A Executive is chosen by the assembly, they rule for one year, The Executive branch consisted of consuls. Much like the Romans the U.S has a senate. The U.S government based their ideas from the Roman Empire, But They added...

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