Amusing Ourselves to Depth

Topics: Debut albums, English-language films, Week-day names Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: February 28, 2013
I’ve practiced a lot of sports and extracurricular activities throughout my life; like gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, piano and French classes but somehow I always ended up quitting all of them. I think this had to do a lot with my personality, just like my dad I’ve always been a little lazy and I kind of limit myself staying on an average level when I’m actually able to reach a higher one, but on the other hand I was raised by mom who is the complete opposite, she is a really dedicated person and expects too much out of everything, she always gives her best and never quits anything. As her daughter, I know a thing or two about her high expectations, and that became my good fortune. It all started on January of 2005 I was trying to enroll a new sport, two of my best friends were taking swimming classes and they would always talk about how much they liked it, that’s actually the only reason why I wanted to try this sport so I asked my friends about this place they were going and got all the information I could, so far I loved everything I heard about swimming, I couldn’t wait to tell my mom, I knew how bad she wanted me to do something besides school and this would be the first time I would actually pick something myself; so she finally got home for work and there I was, wearing my swimsuit, goggles and cap , her immediate reaction was laughs and confusion I remember that excitement look on her face just waiting for me to tell her what this was about; and right at that moment I realized that no matter what I couldn’t quit this, so I finally told her, she was the happiest she could be, I didn’t even understand why this was so important for her until she squeezed me and kissed me while saying “my baby is making decisions, and good ones”. We immediately went to the swimming school, and I registered for Tuesdays and Thursdays classes, they put me in level 1 and that was kind of an inconvenient for me because my friends were already in level 3 and I was the...
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