Analyse the Development of Leisure

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Italy Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The Ancient Greek:
“Leisure is an essential opportunity for the development of man and woman and the unity of body and mind” (Torkildsen, 1999) Leisure back in the Ancient Greek times was seen as a time to enjoy public entertainment and competitions and also to partake in professionalization sports. Though these were some of the many things the Greeks did for leisure back in those days, the most important form of leisure lead to “aesthetic, spiritual or intellectual enlightenment through the search for understanding” (Torkildsen, 1999). This was because of reasons like how others were enslaved to do the job that needed to be done while others enjoyed their free time doing what they would do to keep themselves entertained. Now in this era, two of the Greek civilization remains. These are the “work – leisure distinction and the Greek leisure ethic” (Torkildsen, 1999) along with the belief that people can make choices. This is why nowadays there are no more slaves and everyone has to earn a living by the sweat of their own brows. The Romans:

“Leisure in Rome was seen as a social context of urbanization and the political use of leisure to quieten the masses” (Torkildsen, 1999) Free time in Rome was important to the Romans as this meant the wellbeing of the people in Rome. But this free time became a problem. Torkildsen (1999) stated that emperors in Rome “attempted to keep people content by providing free food and entertainment.” Because of the mass population in Rome, entertainment was seen as a way to keep the population entertained so that they wouldn’t cause conflict on the streets.

We see that today in this era. According to Torkildsen (1999) many cultures have used the example of Rome to show the “consequences of uncontrolled misuse of leisure.” This is why nowadays many theatres and other entertainment materials have been put into place to quieten the mass of population that surrounds us. The...
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