Analysis of Home Safety of the Elderly Living in City and Rural Areas

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Analysis of Home Safety of the Elderly Living in City and Rural Areas


Physiological changes and chronic diseases arising during aging process increase risk of accident of the elderly, especially the elderly living alone at their homes. Home accidents are the most commonly health problem in the elderly. This study was carried out to describe home safety of the elderly living in a city or rural area using a home safety checklist. 512 living in Turkey (330 in city; 182 in rural area) were evaluated via face-to-face interview using a home safety checklist during a period between December and March in 2007. In addition to sociodemographics, a questionnaire including home characteristics and life style of participants was applied. To describe home safety level, Home Safety Checklist was used.


Aging, which is a part of life and a nonrecoverable process. Developments in the field of tecnology,health and nutrition increasing life expectancy in the general population has led to an increased incidence of elderly population. Especially in industrialized countries, this increase is faster. The increase in elderly population by bringing with it social problems, particularly affecting the family structure of the elderly living alone is cause Depending on the time during the aging process in human organism, physical, physiological and psychological changes are emerging. Decrease with aging occur in the physical abilities, to continue their activities of daily living and home-related poses an obstacle to the execution of work. Physiological changes and the age of progress emerged due to chronic diseases, especially those living alone at home often face with the risk of accidents . An important part of the problems faced by the elderly home accidents constituted. Physiological changes and dementia as well as some chronic diseases, nörooftalmalojik findings, progressive hearing loss, posture, balance and gait disturbances and sensory changes, has led to increased risk of accidents. The elderly, the most important preventive safety applications, one of the age-related physiological deficiency in developing corrective to troubleshoot instruments (hearing aid, glasses, etc..) Usage as a domestic accident may lead to removal of conditions must be determined. Therefore, in recent years in elderly home safety and home safety inspection and control increased the importance of the list. In this context, is widely used in the field of health inspection and control lists, and application tools are the most important ergonomic evaluation.

3-Explict Statemnet Of The Study Objective İncluding Operational Definition:

This study used a home safety check list and the elderly living at home in our country, the security situation in the house and emerged with aging in terms of accident risks in order to examine the status of housing are planned.

Sample Groups:

Sample 1:The elderly who is living in the city

Sample 2:The elderly who is living in the rural areas


Age This variables;the elderly who is living in the city

Gender and the rural areas used to investigate the

Education demograhic datas.

Marriage Status

Occupational Status

House type This variables; the elderly who is living in the city

Private roomsand the rural areas was used to examine the status of

Domestic Availabilitytheir home.


Financial Status:

Living Arrengement: This variables;the elderly who is living in the city and the

Leisure Activities rural areas was used to examine the their life style.

Security Score

p: is degree of freedom: In statistics, the number of degrees of freedom is the number of values in the final calculation of a statistic that...
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