Analyzing a Professional Dilemma and Values Conflict

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Analyzing a Professional Dilemma and Values Conflict
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N/480 – Interdisciplinary Capstone Course

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept
Personally, organizational behavior is defined as being organized, to have a pattern or step by step process in daily actions. Weather I am at work, home or, on vacation I achieve better results when I am organized. In this paper I will discuss organizational behavior and culture, diversity, communication, business ethics and change management. Organizational Behavior and Culture

Organization behavior and culture depends on an individual’s perceptual reality. Since the world is so diverse a person may not see a situation the same exact way another does. For example: At work there are fourteen women with different ethnicities and back grounds. When the mistakes are pointed-out within the office as a whole; some individuals take it very personally; and may become very offended. The office did not intend to make anyone upset, but yet people tend to believe that they are being pointed-out; even though their names are not announced. If management would have taken time to observe the employees involved, they may have noticed the different cultured backgrounds and may consider alternative ways of communicating with their employees. The main idea would be to avoid potential conflict of interest with the employees that get upset. Management can also consider encouraging a positive working environment to demonstrate interest and appreciation for their employees. And the employees may return the interest with performing in a positive job satisfaction manner. Diversity and Communication

Both diversity and organizational culture are hand in hand. The world is full of different religion, ethnicities, and backgrounds it is common to be exposed to diverse communicating every day. For example: When I am working, I am on the telephone ninety percent of my day. I never know who is going to...
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