Ancient Greece Mythology

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Ancient Greece

The ancient Greek myths have gone down in history as some of the most popular religious beliefs. This strong belief in religion unified Greece, making it and strong and prosperous nation.

Ancient Greece can be traced back to the early stone ages. It has been divided up into different time periods. Each period signifies special events and important advancements, which provided the basis for how we live today. Greece was not always one united country, Instead it was made up of Hundreds of city-states including as Athens, Corinth and Sparta. Each city-state was ruled by a single leader called a tyrant. During the fifth century BC, Athens became the first city-state to introduce democracy.

Religion played a big part in everyday life in Ancient Greece. The Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses. They believed that the gods controlled everything from the weather to good crops and harvest. By offering prayers and scarifies they hoped to please the gods in return for protection from diseases or harm.

Greek religion had a large mythology. It consisted largely of stories of the gods and of how they affected humans on Earth

The Greeks believed that all the gods were descendants of Gaea (the earth) and Uranus (the sky). They believed that the gods were much like humans, they married each other, fell in love, hated each other, had children, had families, played music and they also believed that they mirrored human characteristics or that humans mirrored theirs. Many of the well known gods had temples and sanctuaries dedicated to them, and much money and artistic ability was used on them. Religion played a large part in the lives of ordinary people. It helped make Greece a peaceful and well grounded nation. There were never wars between different religious groups, as everyone shared the same beliefs. According to Greek mythology there were many myths, tales and gods that the Greeks believed in, there were twelve gods in particular which had a...
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