Ancient Greece Unit

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Greek alphabet Pages: 34 (5671 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Ancient Greece Unit (combination of unit 14 and unit 15 QCA)


Kirsty Pedersen

|EXPECTATIONS |EXPECTATIONS | |at the end of this unit (Unit 14) |at the end of this unit (Unit 15) | | |know the ways the ancient Greeks influenced their own and others’ lives today; give reasons why| | |the way of life in ancient Greece and life today are different in some ways; select and combine| | |information from a range of sources to answer specific questions about the past; interpret an | | |aspect of the lives of the ancient Greeks in order to recreate it; produce a summary of what | | |they have found out, as a structured, extended piece of writing | | most children will: |place the ancient Greek civilisation accurately on a time line and demonstrate their | | | |understanding of BC and AD; describe important features of life in ancient Greece, and compare | | | |life in different city states; explain some of the beliefs of the ancient Greeks and why they | | | |held them; understand the reasons for and results of key events; interpret an event from one | | | |perspective and in so doing show an appreciation of other possible interpretations; select and | | | |combine information from written and archaeological sources | | |some children will not have |know that the ancient Greek civilisation was a long time ago; describe some features of life in|know about the way of life of the ancient Greeks; select information from individual sources to| |made so much progress and will: |ancient Greece; know some of the ancient Greek gods, and what they represented; select |answer questions about the past; know that the ancient Greeks have influenced school life | | |information from one or two sources |today; produce a structured summary of what they have learnt...
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