Ancient Greeks

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Today's western ideas, institutions, and values were mainly created by the Ancient Greeks. The western culture has been influenced by the Ancient Greeks in many ways. The westerners learned the concept of hominocentrism, sea trade and sea power; raise livestock, democracy and creation of the Olympics from the Ancient Greeks.

The concept of hominocentrism, saw human beings at the center of the universe, was created by the Ancient Greeks. Even though today we don't use the term "hominocentrism" we still do believe that we are the center of the universe and this very concept helps us achieve our goals. The westerners adopted the idea of sea trade and sea power from the Ancient Greeks. Westerners' today trade across the sea with people of other countries and this gives them sea power. The Ancient Greeks ideas helped westerners become expert sailors.

The various obstacles nature placed on the Greeks actually helped them to develop skills and interests that eventually made them both powerful and resourceful. They gave the westerners the idea of raising livestock. The Ancient Greeks created Democracy, the Olympics and philosophy. These creations coexisted with constant fighting between Greek cities and the ancient evil of slavery. Western ideas of Democracy and the Olympics are the same even today.

Western ideas, institutions, and values are mostly created by the Ancient Greeks. Many of the westerners adopted the Ancient Greek ideas in order to live successfully. If it weren't for the Ancient Greeks and their intelligence the western ideas, institutions, and values would have been very different today.


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