Ancient Greeks Contributions

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Julia Buckley December 18, 2012
Social Studies DBQ 1: Ancient Greeks Contributions

Throughout time, humans have been changing and developing constantly. This change is often brought about by the desire for knowledge or new knowledge being discovered. However, it is not just knowledge that changes. Many other things such as culture, science, math, architecture, government, and art change as a result. Early civilizations have influenced and have had lasting effects of the civilizations of the Western world today. Many aspects of our modern day society can be traced back to the accomplishments achieved in ancient Greece.

During ancient Greece many new ideas arose in mathematics, science, government, sports and art. . In math, they contributed the elements of geometry. Euclid created theorems, which are used all over the western world today (document 5). Also, the idea that the world rotates on an axis and obits the sun was created by Aristarchus. Next, the Greek scientist Eratosthenes found out the earth is round by finding its circumference is 24,901 miles. Plus, Archimedes created the pulley and lever that are the basics of physics. Additionally, a Greek doctor named Hippocratic created the oath that doctors swear to all over the Western world to treat their patients to the best of their ability (document 4). Besides the Greeks contributions in math and science, they also contributed in other things, too. For example, a Greek person names Pericles created a new form of government called democracy (document 3). A democracy is a government ruled by the people. Also, there are two types of democracy, indirect and direct democracy. Greece had a direct democracy. The United States and some other countries use this form of government today. Another influence they had is with their architecture. Some modern buildings built now are based off the buildings they built. Particularly government building in the USA are like...
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