Ancient Rome: Pivotal Civilization in World History

Topics: Ancient Rome, United States, Ancient Greece Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Ancient Rome is a pivotal civilization in world history. Rome borrowed from other countries, while other countries borrowed from it. For instance, the United States of America borrowed from Rome, and Rome borrowed from the Greeks.

Rome borrowed many things. Most of which was from the Greeks. From the Greeks they borrowed gods. The Romans’ gods hold the same characteristics as Greek gods, but have different names. In some instances, they have the same name such as Apollo. Romans also borrowed plays from the Greeks. The Greeks invented Western drama. Western drama evolved to tragedy and comedy. Both genres were adapted by the Romans. The Romans also did not just come up with the idea of the republic themselves. They “borrowed” that idea from the Greek city-state of Athens.

While Rome was borrowing from the Greeks, the United States of America was busy borrowing from them. They borrowed language from the Romans. Some words are still used today. A few of the words still used today would be cardiology, neurology, status quo, alto, soprano, pediatrics, et cetera (etc.), id est. (i.e.), and many more. The United States of America also borrowed many engineering tips from the ancient Romans. Examples of those things would be concrete, roads, dome ceilings, sewers, heated floors, and water power. Without the borrowing from the ancient Romans, many things known today would not be here. Many other countries also borrowed from ancient Rome. The most common idea borrowed from ancient Romans was architecture.

Ancient Rome has an important position in world history. Ancient Rome went from being a small little town in Italy to an empire that encompassed most of Europe. It created many features to change itself and the world around it. Without ancient Rome and their accomplishments, there is a great chance that the world would be a much different place than we know today.

Ancient Rome is a pivotal civilization in world history as it borrowed from other countries, while...
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