Anti aging concept for personal care industry

Topics: Skin, Senescence, Gerontology Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Elixir of Skin
Just like an elixir which enlivens the life form, actives, help the enlivening of the Antiaging product for enriching the skin bringing the youthful days back. Aging process is natural yet not a readily accepted fact for sociable people and therefore it is very important to address the issue and use the path of science to overcome it. Antiaging products give the liberty to put your inhibitions about your looks aside and instill you with the confidence of your true potential, to put it in another words, working like a 20yr old in a body of a 45 yr old. These modern day elixirs for the skin not only make one look younger from the outside but they substantiate this by actually enriching the facial skin cells from beneath with the help of effective ingredients ingrained in them. There is a health concept associated with them as well which makes them more appealing. Need for the Concept

Although aging is a natural process and is known to all, the process is not accepted widely across both the sexes. Women do not want to reveal their age either verbally or from their looks and the latter part applies to Men when it comes to revealing their true identity in terms of their age.

Looking younger is as important as the innate quality of being youthful which one might possess even at an adult age. The skincare products in the Antiaging category bring those youthful days back.

For women, skin that is 40 years and older has moved beyond the first signs of age. Visible lines have developed around the mouth, nose, eyes and forehead. Skin has more pronounced sag to it, and age spots are beginning to appear. One cause of this is more and more errors accumulating as cells divide. Changing hormones may also alter skin’s elasticity. At this stage, skin care should focus on complete protection and ways to boost skin’s repair mechanisms. People will also benefit from products that are designed to work long-term because cell turnover is decelerating....
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